Hot Wheel Monster Playsets (3PK)

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Hot Wheel Monster Playsets (3PK)
AGES: 3 & up
ALL playset connects to other Hot Wheels sets to build out cool destinations for Hot Wheels Monster Trucks
GYL10 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Sabretooth Showdown Playset
UPC 887961974744
‚ÄčThe Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks Sabretooth Showdown™ playset lets kids wage a prehistoric battle between
a savage sabretooth tiger and the reptilian dino Mega Wrex™ -- in monster truck form! Kids can work on their aim
as they launch the 1:64 scale Mega Wrex™ vehicle head first into battle and manuever the jump -- land on the
sabretooth tiger's tail to knock him out. It's complete play in a box with a unique challenge showcasing the hero
truck's abilities.

GYL11 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Octo-Slam playset!
UPC 887961974751
The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Octo-Slam playset lets kids wage an 'underwater' battle between a giant octopus
wreaking havoc beneath the waves and its ultimate predator, Tiger Shark -in Monster Truck form! Kids can practice
their stunt skills as they send the 1:64 scale Tiger Shark vehicle head first into battle, riding down the "wave" to attack
the menacing octopus.

GYL12 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Fire Through playset!
UPC 887961974768
This all-in-one set lets kids help the heroic 5 Alarm monster truck take out a fiery competitor -- if they're up to the challenge!


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