Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape

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  • Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape
  • Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape
  • Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape


Break in - Area 51 -- to Escape, You Must First (2PK)
UPC: 093514074902 ASIN: B085PVB9TB
Ages: 12 & UP
You’re an alien being who once escaped Area 51, but your AI spacecraft is calling you back to help—you must break in and find your ship before it is destroyed and your hope of getting home is lost!
Solve puzzles to peel back layers of the game board to get deep inside the facility and rescue your ship so you can fly back to your planet!
Collaborative game play!
The thrill and challenge of an escape room meets the experience and world immersion of a movie!
Have you got what it takes to break in and get out?
Product Dimension:4 x 10.25 x 9.1 inches

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